A History of Excellence

1979: ComputerLand of Rapid City becomes the 103rd Franchise member of
the world-wide ComputerLand organization. This franchises
initial location was on Main Street in Rapid City.
1981: John and Jean Mattson open their 2nd store ComputerLand of
Gillette, the 209th Franchise member of the world-wide
ComputerLand organization. Dave Meyer joins the team as a
1981: IBM enters PC market, ComputerLand first of 100 stores have exclusive on IBM PC.
1998: The ComputerLand of Gillette franchise is sold.
2000: Hewlett Packard awards ComputerLand of Rapid City its’ Reseller
Platinum Award.
2001: ComputerLand of Rapid City joins forces with the Ingram Micro
SMB Alliance. In October ComputerLand of Rapid City changes it’s
name to The Technology Center.
2002: The Technology Center joins the National servicing “IMNSN”
DIVISION OF Ingram Micro called Ingram Micro National Service
2004: The Technology Center celebrates its 25th anniversary.
2006: The Technology Center becomes Xerox and 3M authorized.
2009 The Technology Center observes its 30thanniversary.
2010 The Technology Center achieves Microsoft Certified Gold Partner